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An honest, innovative and minimalistic individual who enjoys talking to both computers and humans.

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About Me

Me, my mindset and how I approach things
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Hi! I’m Mazen Touati. I’m a full-stack web developer from Tunisia. My passion for code started years ago when I wrote my first line of code back in 2011.

I’ve acquired my Master’s degree in Media Engineering in 2019. Two years earlier, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences.

I’m enthusiastic about creating utility libraries for fellow developers. I enjoy creating things with Laravel & VueJS.

I'm a sharer who is always delighted to exchange information. Recently, I've been more attached to sharing what I know through blogging.

When it comes to my philosophy, I believe in authenticity and self-worth. These views made me more involved in pushing my acquaintances and peers toward growth through positive and practical encouragement. Additionally, I'm always open to different ideas and approaches.


Notable public projects I made at work


Full-stack web developer  at  ALINAOUS

Oriapi is the backbone of Oribiky's bike rental service. I've worked on architecting and implementing a refactored version of the API that aims for performance and reliability while including many new features. My contribution has reduced the client's expenses and increased the overall performance.



Full-stack web developer  at  ALINAOUS

Oridash is a control panel for Oribiky's bike rental service. I've worked on building it with performance and interactivity in mind. The final result has presented the client with a rich experience and meaningful information.

LaravelVueJSTailwind CSSSCSSApex Charts

Side Projects

some of the projects that I'm proud of

Monetize.js 1st prize winner*

An event-driven library to manage and simulate Web Monetization.

*Won Grant for the Web Hackathon.



A platform that enables users to create a public gateway to receive files from their friends, co-workers, or themselves.

LaravelVueJSTDDSCSSTwillio API
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